James Lee




 did my PhD and short post-doc in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Leeds studying HOx radicals in the troposphere. This involved field measurements using an LIF instrument and subsequent data analysis using zero dimensional box models. Since 2003 I have been a senior research fellow and then research professor for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science with responsibility for coordinating observations of tropospheric oxidant chemistry and emissions of gas phase air pollutants. I now have >15 years of experience in coordinating large measurement intensive field campaigns, both ground and aircraft based. He coordinates the NOx measurements at the Cape Verde Observatory and I represent the UK on European and WMO expert groups on the subject. I leads the aircraft measurements on the NERC LTS-M ACSIS (North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study) project. More recently my research has involved on emissions and processing of gas phase air pollutants in large cities. I have coordinated large field experiments in London, Beijing and Delhi, with my own work concentrating on flux measurements of air pollutants such as NOx and investigating ozone production using measurements of pre-cursor species.


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