Slide CLIMRISK-RIVER: Accounting for local river flood risk in estimating the economic cost of climate change Environmental Modelling & Software Francisco Estrada A new look at the environmental conditions favorable to secondary ice production Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Luis A. Ladino Economic valuation of climate change–induced mortality: age dependent cold and heat mortality in the Netherlands Climatic Change Francisco Estrada Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES Slide The Assessment of Impacts and Risks of Climate Change on Agriculture (AIRCCA) model: a tool for the rapid global risk assessment for crop yields at a spatially explicit scale Spatial Economic Analysis Francisco Estrada & Oscar Calderon-Bustamante Bulk Deposition and Main Ionic Composition in a Remote Tropical Region: Nevado de Toluca, Mexico Water, Air, & Soil Pollution Rodolfo Sosa Echeverría Estimations of the Mexicali Valley (Mexico) Mixing Height Atmosphere Telma Castro & Oscar Peralta Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES Slide Reduction of atmospheric emissions due to switching from fuel oil to natural gas at a power plant in a critical area in Central Mexico Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association Sosa E. et al. Cambio climático y producción de maíz en México: un posible riesgo a la autosuficiencia alimentaria Agricultural systems Carolina Ureta Sánchez Cordero Hurricane effects on Neotropical lizards span geographic and phylogenetic scales PNAS Julián A. Velasco Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES

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