Slide Rangewide habitat suitability analysis for the Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) to identify recovery areas in its historical distribution Diversity and Distributions Julián A. Velasco Spatial variations in the warming trend and the transition to more severe weather in midlatitudes Scientific Reports | Nature Francisco Estrada Assessment of above-ground biomass and carbon loss from a tropical dry forest in Mexico Journal of Environmental Management Alma V. Mendoza-Ponce Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES Slide Are the socioeconomic impacts associated with tropical cyclones in Mexico exacerbated by local vulnerability and ENSO conditions? International Journal of Climatology Christian Domínguez, Alejandro Jaramillo Methodological issues in natural disaster loss normalisation studies Environmental Hazards Francisco Estrada Dimensions of amphibian alpha diversity in the New World Journal of Biogeography Julián A. Velasco Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES Slide Quiahua, the First Citizen Science Rainfall Monitoring Network in Mexico: Filling Critical Gaps in Rainfall Data for Evaluating a Payment for Hydrologic Services Program Citizen Science: Theory and Practice Lyssette Muñoz-Villers Ozone over Mexico City during the COVID-19 pandemic Science of The Total Environment Oscar Peralta, Ricardo Torres-Jardón, Telma Castro, Luis Gerardo Ruíz-Suárez Climate Perspectives in the Intra–Americas Seas Atmosphere Paulina Ordónez Pérez Ver todo ARTÍCULOS RECIENTES

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