Christine Fiona Braban

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NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

United Kingdom




esearch Interests:

I am Atmospheric Composition Change Group leader in the Atmopsheric Chemistry and Effects Science Area (pre November 2017: Biosphere-Atmospheric Interactions) led by Dr Stefan Reis. My research interests cover rural and urban air quality with a focus on ammonia and reactive nitrogen species, led scientifically by Prof Mark Sutton. I work with long term observations and experiments, and with low and high tech instrumentation. I am interested in measurements, modelling and process studies to quantify processes and impacts of the current atmospheric chemical climate.

I help develop the atmospheric science measurement strategy at Auchencorth Moss (WMO-GAW Regional station, ICOS Ecosystem station UK EMEP Supersite and atmosperhic observatory platform). I am involved in the UNECE Task Force for Measurement and Modelling and the CEN WG11 on developing a European standard for ambient ammonia passive samplers.



2004 PhD, Environmental Chemistry, University of Toronto, Canada

1995 MSc, Analytical Chemistry, University of Aberdeen, UK

1994 BA Hons, Metallurgy and the Science of Materials, University of Oxford, UK


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