High precision measurements of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere: why? how? Where?

Imparte: Michel RamonetFrench National Centre for Scientific Research

Atmospheric measurements of CO2 in the atmosphere are a key element of climate change studies. Since the first systematic measurements of this gas in 1957 at Mauna Loa, Hawaii by C.D. Keeling, the atmospheric content of CO2 has increased by about 30%. A network of more than 100 stations now continuously measures the atmospheric concentration of CO2, with the objective of quantifying anthropogenic emissions, and to better understand the role of oceans and terrestrial ecosystems in the capture of this gas. Measurements that are sufficiently precise and dense can enable emissions assessments to be carried out on a continent, a country or a city scale, like Mexico-City. This seminar will present the scientific challenges we face in achieving these goals.


Ago 06 2018


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


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Panorama Actual de las Ciencias Atmosféricas 2018
Auditorio Dr. Julián Adem


Auditorio Dr. Julián Adem