Ralf Zimmermann



– BSc, MSc Chemistry, Technical University Munich (D) (1987/1990)
– BSc, Physics, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (D) (1993)
– PhD, Physical Chemistry, Technical University Munich (D) (1995) (Profs. E.Schlag/A.Kettrup)
– Post-Doc, University of Antwerp (B) (1999) (Prof. F. Adams)
– Habilitation degree, Technical University Munich- Weihenstephan (D) (2001) (Prof. A.Kettrup)
Associate Professor for Analytical Chemistry, University Augsburg (2001-2008) and Director of Chemistry Department, bifa-Institute, Augsburg (2001-2008)
Group leader at the Institute of Ecological Chemistry at the GSF-Research centre (1998-2008)
Research interests
• Aerosol research (Ambient aerosol, Emissions, SOA etc.), Environmental analysis.
• Mass Spectrometry, Ultra-High mass resolution mass spectrometry
and Photo ionisation mass spectrometry: Instrument development and applications.
• Toxicology of air toxicants, biological experiments, cell culture based lung models and ‘omics analyses (Metabolomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics).
• Data integration and biostatistics.
• Analysis of complex molecular systems: Food, Tobacco, Crude oil etc., Industrial process analysis, Petrochemical processes, BTL and /CTL technologies.
• Multidimensional comprehensive chromatographic separation techniques, Spectroscopy and instrument hyphenation.
• Aerosol analysis instrumentation development (e.g. ATOF, TOCA-MS), Thermal analysis.
• Health effects of air pollution and aerosols (Environmental Health).