María Josefina Olascoaga




aria Josefina Olascoaga is Associate Professor of Ocean Sciences at the University of Miam’s Rosesntiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Her research interests range from the modeling of physical-biological interactions in the ocean, to the study of the stability of geophysical flows, to the description of Lagrangian geophysical fluid dynamics using dynamical systems methods.  She has contributed to make the modern dynamical systems concept of Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) widely recognized by the oceanographic community.  The LCS are key material surfaces (transport barriers) which form the building blocks of the concealed Lagrangian skeleton around which global mixing organizes.  Lately, her research has focused on the Gulf of Mexico’s Lagrangian circulation, with applications ranging from larval connectivity to pollutant (such as oil from spills) transport.