Communicating Climate Change: Lessons from Social Science

Imparte: Kimberly WolskeUniversity of Chicago, EUA.

Numerous solutions have been proposed to address climate change, from shifting to low-carbon energy sources and implementing policies that regulate greenhouse gas emissions, to developing geoengineering strategies with the potential to manage solar radiation or remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For any climate solution to be implemented successfully, it will need support—if not action—from a diverse set of stakeholders. But, getting buy-in often requires more than simply communicating facts about the severity of the problem or scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of a proposed solution. Subtle differences in the way information is framed as well as characteristics of the audience can have a substantial impact on how information is received. This talk will share key insights from psychology and communication science about the challenges of communicating climate change and getting public support for action. Results from several empirical studies will be used to illustrate these points.


Ago 09 2018


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Entrada Libre


Panorama Actual de las Ciencias Atmosféricas 2018
Auditorio Dr. Julián Adem


Auditorio Dr. Julián Adem