Prof. Stefania Gilardoni

Institute of Atmospheric Sciences
and Climate (CNR-ISAC)

  • Resumen curricular:


Stefania joined the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) in July 2011. Her research interests inlcude chemical characterization of tropospheric aerosol and identification of aerosol sources. In particular, she is interested in carbonaceous aerosol chemical and optical properties and in carbonaceous aerosol source apportionment through the application of diverse analytical and statistical tools. After taking her PhD in chemistry at the University of Milan (Italy), she had been working a as postodcotral scholar at the Univeristy of California – Davis (2004-2005) and at the University of California – San Diego (2005-2007); then, she worked as contract agent at the Joint Research Centre in the Climate Change Unit. Currently, she is responsible for the Aerosol Mass Spectrometry (AMS) measurements during the ARPA supersite campaign and PEGASOS campaign in the Po Valley.

Créditos: Pietro Villalobos Peñalosa