Prof. Bernard Clot

Federal office of Meteorology
and Climatology MeteoSwiss

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Dr Bernard Clot was born in Geneva and obtained a PhD in Biology of the University of Neuchâtel. He is the Head of Biometeorology at the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, and currently serves as President of the International Association for Aerobiology. He is an interdisciplinary scientist and his research encompasses aerobiology, phenology, pollen monitoring, pollen forecasting, modelling, health impact, climate change impact and invasive plants. His work is reported in >30 journal articles, 17 books and book chapters and 4 international reports including the IPPC 4th Assessment Report, “Phenology and Human Health: allergic disorders” for the World Health Organization, and the Critical Earth Observation Priorities for Human Health (GEO TASK US‐09‐01a) “Aeroallergens Societal Benefits Area”. As President of the International Association for Aerobiology, Co‐Founder of the European Aerobiology Society and the International Ragweed Society, and Chairman of the 8th International Congress in Aerobiology 2006, Dr Bernard Clot has been committed over the years to the development of aerobiology, community life activity and education at national and international levels. In Switzerland, Dr Bernard Clot was also active in innovation and outreach by contributing, among others, to the creation and development of a new Botanical Garden in Neuchâtel, and of the Mycorama, a Museum dedicated to Fungi. He was one of the first to warn of the introduction of ragweed in Switzerland, which resulted in successful control actions.

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