Dr. Rezaul Mahmood


Western Kentucky University
Department of Geography and Geology

  • Resumen curricular:

Dr. Rezaul Mahmood specializes in weather and climate science. He has received his Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma and Joined WKU in 2001. He has published more than 55 peer-reviewed papers in highly respected journals. Dr. Mahmood’s research focuses on meso-scale meteorology and climatology and observations, modeling atmospheric impacts of land use land cover change, modeling impacts of soil moisture on weather and climate, air quality meteorology, flash flooding climatology and hydrometeorology of the Appalachia. Rezaul provided significant leadership in development of the Kentucky Mesonet and WKU’s High Performance Computing Center (HPCC). His research has been funded by the NSF, NOAA, USDA-ARS, and others.

Since 2009, Rezaul has been editor of the journal ‘Earth Interactions’, jointly published by the American Meteorological Society (AMS), American Geophysical Union (AGU), and Association of American Geographers (AAG). Rezaul was a member of the National Climate Assessment and Development Committee (NCADAC) during 2011-2014. This federal committee is composed of 60 scientists, engineers, and social scientists from the entire U.S. and guided completion of the 3rd National Climate Assessment Report. It was be submitted to the President of the United States and the Congress as a road map for how to adapt and minimize the impacts of climate change.