Lunes 11


11:30 h

Mercury environmental monitoring projects:
GMOS and beyond

Dr. Nicola Pirrone

12:00 h

Martes 12

Column water vapor: a key constraint on
tropical deep convection

Dr. Brian Mapes

12:00 h

Miércoles 13

TEMPO: Hourly satellite measurements of
North American pollution

Dr. Kelly Chance

12:00 h

Jueves 14

The formation of tropical cyclones
Dr. David Raymond

12:00 h

Lunes 18

Recent advances in the measurement
and forecasting of precipitation using weather radar

Dr. Miguel A. Rico Ramírez

12:00 h

Martes 19

REA pollen management and quality control.
Aerobiology related to different disciplines

Dra. Carmen Galán Soldevilla

12:00 h

Miércoles 20

An overview of GEWEX GLASS
(Global Land Atmosphere System Study) Activities

Dr. Aaron Boone

12:00 h

Jueves 21

Microphysics of Orographic Precipitation
and Vegetation Controls of Convection in the Andes

Dra. Ana P. Barros

12:00 h

Viernes 22

How much will the climate warm?
The Role of Clouds in Regional and Global Climate Sensitivity

Dr. Dennis Hartmann

12:00 h


13:15 h