Lunes 29


11:30 h

The new ocean knowledge to help agriculture make decisions
Prof. James J. O´Brien

12:00 h

Martes 30

Variations in Global Lightning on Climate Time Scales
Prof. Earle Williams

12:00 h

Miércoles 31

Automated detection of airborne plant
pathogen spores

Prof. Jon West

12:00 h

Jueves 1

Not one step back! Ensuring resilient seas
in the Anthropocene era

Prof. Laurence Mee

12:00 h

Viernes 2

Drought in Mexico: an observational,
modeling and tree ring study of natural variability
and hydroclimate change

Prof. Richard Seager

12:00 h

Lunes 5

Atmospheric research in Amazonia: from
local to global impacts

Prof. Paulo Artaxo

12:00 h

Martes 6

Environmental networks and Greenhouse Gas
fluxes from ecosystems in Mexico

Prof. Rodrigo Vargas

12:00 h

Miércoles 7

Balancing the Chemistry of air pollution and
climate: co-benefits and penalties

Prof. Sasha Madronich

12:00 h

Jueves 8

Towards Quantifying Aerosol Indirect Effects
using the South East Pacific Stratocumulus Region
as a Testing Ground

Prof. Paquita Zuidema

12:00 h

Viernes 9

Aerobiology: from Micrography to Aeroecology
Prof. Paul Comtois

12:00 h


13:15 h