Prof. James O´Brien


The Florida State University

  • Resumen curricular:

Professor O’Brien received a BS from Rutgers,1957 and PhD from Texas A&M,1966. He founded COAPS, The Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies. He is internationally known for mentoring young scientists and under his guidance 44 students have completed their Ph. D. degree and over 70 students have completed their M.S. degree. His PhD students come from 18 countries including several from Mexico. He also has supervised more than 25 post-doctoral assistants. Dr. O'Brien's early emphasis was in ocean modeling which led to new breakthroughs in understanding coastal upwelling, El Niño, La Niña, and hurricane effects on the ocean. Dr. O'Brien formally retired in December 2006 but still is active in research on the impacts of oceanic variability on seasonal climate forecasts for agriculture in the Southeast USA.