Lunes 11


11:30 h

Atmospheric remote-sensing using
infrared spectroscopy

Prof. Thomas von Clarmann

12:00 h

Martes 12

Hydrometeorological extremes affecting Canada and
other regions of the World

Prof. Ronald Stewart

12:00 h

Miércoles 13

Biosfera oceánica, aerosoles y nubes
Prof. Rafel Simó

12:00 h

Jueves 14

Contemporary methods of chemical imaging and molecular analysis of atmospheric aerosols
Prof. Alexander Laskin

12:00 h

Viernes 15

Biosphere/Atmosphere interaction of disturbed forest ecosystems: A story with split ends
Prof. Rainer Steinbrecher

12:00 h

Lunes 18

Ocean prediction, oil spill and earth system
modeling in the Gulf of Mexico

Prof. Eric Chassignet

12:00 h

Martes 19

Simulating anthropogenic climate change
Prof. Uwe Mikolajewicz

12:00 h

Miércoles 20

Principales resultados del reporte especial del IPCC sobre eventos climáticos extremos
Prof. Matilde Rusticucci

12:00 h

Jueves 21

Tropical ozone: natural variability, human influences
Prof. Anne Thompson

12:00 h

Viernes 22

Improving our understanding of African dust
transport using the Caribbean Basin as a receptor

Prof. Olga Mayol-Bracero

12:00 h


13:15 h